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Austin Private Investigator Relationships are based on trust and when seeking to hire a private investigator or body guard trust is the key to establishing the relationship. At ACES of Austin we strive to ensure that the relationship between the client and law enforcement officer is based on trust. We offer one-on-one, face to face confidential consultations in order to help you feel at ease prior to taking your case. ACES private investigators ensure privacy and confidentiality in every situation. Our private investigators will help you to feel at ease during your time of distress. ACES is owned and operated by a Police Officer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. We employ both former and current police officers with a combination of 50 years of experience. ACES private investigators are licensed and knowledgeable in the area of Texas laws, private investigations and personal body guard protection. ACES private investigators take every case seriously and are empathetic to your personal situation. Our experience in private and criminal investigation allows us the ability to offer peace of mind through and expert investigation process. Uncovering the truth and providing safety is of utmost importance to our private investigators this process is completely confidential and you will receive real time information on the case with an opportunity for open communication with the officer assigned. ACES employs specially trained investigators in all areas of law enforcement to include hand to hand defense, armed combat and investigations. ACES officers have received specialized training in both reacting to and in the prevention of possible threats. Investigator & Austin Body Guard #C18098 exp 8/16/2016.

Contact ACES of Austin for a one-on-one consultation with a law enforcement officer who will develop a plan based on your individual needs. You can expect to be paired with a highly trained investigator who will make your case a top priority. Your time-line and need for information is always a consideration when developing and executing a plan to uncover the truth. We offer up-front pricing with no hidden costs or surprises and specialize in delivering peace of mind in any situation.

Austin Computer Forensics

GPS Tracking Austin


  • Top Technology Used for Surveillance Cases,
  • Workman's Comp Fraud, Theft Surveillance, Infidelity cases
    ACES Austin can assist you in obtaining evidence for any type of case where strong surveillance is needed. We have a wide variety of equipment to capture video, audio, long term surveillance with built in motion sensor detection, and photography.Surveillance results delivered within days.
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What do we investigate?

Our Austin Investigations PI staff focuses on the following types of investigations